Whistler Wins Best of Show Award at CE Week 2017

Whistler Wins Best of Show Award at CE Week 2017

Bentonville, AR – (July 17, 2017) – The Whistler Group, Inc., a leading industry supplier of state-of the-art mobile electronics, was awarded the Silver Best in Show award at CE Week 2017 held last week in New York City.

10 items across several categories were selected for the title of Best in Show for this year’s CE Week show. The editorial staff of the leading CE trade publication Dealerscope selected the products for this honor and the Whistler WBU-900 Wireless Digital Back up camera was selected as one of the 10.

The WBU-900 is a fully wireless automotive backup camera that requires no hardwiring like traditional backup cameras on the market today. The unit is solar powered and resides around the rear license plate of the vehicle.

The Whistler WBU-900 backup camera is a game changer for the industry with its extremely simple installation. The only tools required are a common screwdriver and the unit can be installed in minutes.

The WBU-900 (MSRP $249.95) and will be available beginning in October 2017.

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