Warranty Information

Consumer Warranty

For Whistler Products Purchased in the USA

Whistler Products are warranted to the original purchaser for a period determined by the product's warranty (refer to your User Guide for specific year(s) of warranty) from the date of original purchase against all defects in materials and workmanship. This limited warranty is void if the unit is abused, modified, installed improperly, or if the housing and/or serial numbers have been removed. There are no express warranties covering this product other than those set forth in this warranty. All express or implied warranties for this product are limited to the above time. Whistler is not liable for damages arising from the use, misuse, or operation of this product.

Note: Units that cannot be repaired will be replaced with the same or similar model. Replacement unit’s warranty will be based on the original unit’s purchase date.

Service Under Warranty
During the warranty period, defective units will be repaired without charge to the purchaser when returned with a dated store receipt to the address below. Units returned without a dated store receipt will be handled as described in section
“Service Out Of Warranty.”

Due to the specialized equipment necessary for testing, there are no authorized service stations for Whistler brand products other than Whistler.

When returning a unit for service, please follow these instructions:

Ship the unit in the original carton or in a suitable sturdy equivalent, fully insured, with return receipt requested to:

Whistler Repair Dept.
1412 South 1st St.
Rogers, AR. 72756
Please allow 3 weeks for turn around time.

Important: Whistler will not assume responsibility for loss or damage incurred in shipping. Therefore, please ship your unit insured with return receipt requested. CODs will not be accepted!

Include with your unit the following information, clearly printed:

  • Your name and street address (for shipping via UPS), a daytime telephone number and an email address, if applicable.
  • A detailed description of the problem (e.g., “Unit performs self-test but does not respond to radar”).
  • A copy of your dated store receipt or bill of sale.

Be certain your unit is returned with its serial number. For reference, please write your unit’s serial number in the space provided in the accessories section of your user guide.
Units without serial numbers are not covered under warranty.

Important: To validate that your unit is within the warranty period, make sure you keep a copy of your dated store receipt. For warranty verification purposes, a copy of your dated store receipt must accompany any unit sent in for warranty work.

Service Out of Warranty
Units will be repaired at “out-of-warranty” service rates when:
• The unit’s original warranty has expired.
• A dated store receipt is not supplied.
• The unit has been abused, modified, installed improperly, or had its housing removed.

Please check your product's user guide for the minimum out-of-warranty service fee for your Whistler product. If you require out-of warranty-service, please return your unit as outlined in the section “Service Under Warranty” along with a certified check or money order. Payment may also be made by MasterCard, VISA, or American Express. Personal checks are not accepted.

In the event repairs cannot be covered by the minimum service fee, you will be contacted by a Whistler technical service specialist who will outline options available to you.

If you elect not to have your unit repaired, it will be returned to you along with your certified check or money order.

Important: When returning your unit for service, be certain to include a daytime telephone number and an email address (if applicable).