Introducing the TRX-1e and TRX-2e

Introducing the TRX-1e and TRX-2e

Any TRX-1 or TRX 2 can now be updated to the TRX-1E and TRX-2E.

Unique to the TRX-1E and TRX-2E are the following features: 

  • Additional bandplans for New Zealand, France, and South Africa. (Additional bandplans can be added as needed)
  • Localized service search categories unique to each country’s needs (includes new search categories)
  • User programmable WX button can be assigned to any one of the Localized Service Search categories for quick access.
  • Service Search – searches through frequencies used by the following radio services: Public Safety, VHF/UHF (AM), [Mosque, CB UHF (country specific)], Amateur, [CB 26MHz, CB 27MHz (country specific)], VHF Mar, and FRS/ GMRS/MURS. This is a good way to find activity on local frequencies.

In order to change your scanner to a TRX-1e or TRX-2 you will need to choose one of the following two options to take advantage of the update:

1- Download a new PC App from our website and installing on your computer in order to utilize the Check for PC CPU Firmware Update 


2 - Download the CPUUpdater file from our website and manually update independent of the new PC app. (It is still recommended the TRX-1E and TRX-2E PC app be downloaded and installed for programming your TRX-1E and TRX-2E, to save archives of your custom configurations, and to receive future updates for these models)

You can find the downloads here:
Main differences between North American and Non-North American Versions:

 This version of software will install TRX-1e firmware into any TRX-1 scanner. This firmware changes many aspects of the scanner's operation to be more in line with the supported countries.

Switching between the North American version of firmware and the Non-North American version of firmware will change the following items:
  • Due to file format changes to support the various search functions outside the United States and Canada, many global configuration options will be reset to their default values.
  • The United States and Canada bandplans will be removed from the scanner and PC App.
  • Bandplans for the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, and South Africa will be available in the scanner and the PC App. Note that these bandplans will not include frequencies prohibited by U.S. Law.
  • All library and Location set options will be removed from the scanner and PC App.
  • Weather radio functions will be removed from the scanner and PC App. The WX button will act as a quick access button for a preset search function defined by the user.
  • Search services available in the scanner and PC App will change based on the country bandplan selected.

Side note: Any TRX-1E or TRX-2E can be changed back to a TRX-1 or TRX-2 respectively by using the Non E version PC apps and running the CPU update or by manually applying the appropriate CPUUpdater file independent of updating the PC app. Once the unit is reverted to the Non E version, the original PC apps must be used with the product.
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