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Radar Detectors

How do I change the clock on my Radar Detector?

What are the bands of radar used today?

Highway vs. City Modes, which do I use?

What is a false alert?

What is "pulse" or "instant on" radar?

How do laser speed guns work?

How does a laser detector work?

How common is the use of laser for speed monitoring?

What is 360 degree protection?

What is vehicle battery saver mode?

Where is the best mounting location for the detector?

What are the different types of radar detector displays?

How do I install the Hardwire Kit (P/N #206880)

Scanner Radios

How to Manually Add Trunking to WS1040 and WS1065 Scanners

How to Manually Add Conventional Frequency to WS1040 and WS1065 Scanners

The USB cable is not recognized by the EZ Scan software. I am using Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10

My SD Card scanner powers up and shows an error code or it says the files are corrupted. How do I get my SD Card scanner working again?

I don’t have the EZ Scan software. How do I get it?

How do I know if I can update the software or firmware in my scanner?

My scanner is programmed, but when I turn it on it displays, “Nothing to scan” or “Nothing Enabled.”

What is a “Scan Set?” (all WS1080 & TRX family scanners)

My WS1040, WS1065 scanner displays “Heap Error” and won’t scan. How do I fix it?

What can I hear on a scanner?

My state does not permit mobile use of a scanner. How can I get a permit?

What is a scanner bank?

What is a scanlist?

Portable Jump Starters

Does the unit need to be turned on to jump start a vehicle?

What happens if the clamps are connected wrong?

How long will it take to charge?

Do I have to turn off the Jump & Go?

My portable Jump Starter (Jump & Go/Mini/Mighty/Mega) keeps beeping when I try to charge it. What's up?

I think I may have a recalled Jump & Go Portable Jump Starter. What should I do?

Power Inverters

What is a Modified Sine Wave

Will the power inverter run nebulizers, medical equipment, etc.?

The inverter will not run my appliance (TV, Microwave, etc.)

How do I choose the right inverter for the appliance I need to run?

What does it mean if the overload or red LED light illuminates?

What if the inverter works fine but shuts off (Red LED on) when engine runs?

How much power does the inverter need from the batteries?

How long will the inverter run on batteries?

How long will a battery last?

What size cable do I use?

Why does my voltmeter show less than 110 volts?

Inspection Cameras

Is the camera waterproof?

Can I insert the camera into any other fluids besides water?

Why won't the monitor turn on?

Can I use rechargeable batteries?

Why does the video look scambled?

The power light comes on but nothing shows on the screen?

Why is the picture upside down?

What is the maximum depth the waterproof camera can be submerged?

What format are the pictures and movies saved as?

The monitor works great when close to the handset but reception gets worse the further away the monitor is from the handset.

Will the Video Out port display live video or will it only display playback of recorded video?

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