WS1040/WS1065 Scanner Firmware Updates and Downloads

Note: Before updating your firmware, please check the version of your unit.

  • Turn your scanner on and press the 3 key while the Welcome screen is being displayed to view the currently installed firmware versions.
  • If the “uP Appl Ver” number is the same as the available download version (currently U2.9), there is no need to update.
  • If you have corrupted, missing or older uP Appl version, proceed with the CPU Firmware Updater download.

This firmware is not compatible with any Radio Shack or GRE brand scanners.
Attempting to install this firmware on a Radio Shack or GRE brand scanner will cause the scanner to stop functioning.

Available file downloads for WS1040/WS1065:
Firmware Installer/Updater (CPUUpdater_1040_U2.9.exe)
PCIF Cable Drivers (CDM20830_Setup.exe)

    If download links do not appear below, please make sure you are using the most current version of your browser. Some browsers may have difficulty showing the links.