MFU440 Multi-Function Unit Downloads

NOTE: First time users must download the first two links listed below.

 If download links do not show at the bottom of the page, please make sure you are using the most current version of your browser. Some browsers may have difficulty showing the links.

To install the monthly database update(s) follow these steps:

  1. Connect your radar detector to your PC using the USB cable provided with the unit.
  2. Download the Unit Programming Software and monthly database update files from the list below.
  3. Open the Unit Programming Software
  4. Click on the "DB Update" button
  5. Click the update file that you have downloaded to your computer to select it.
  6. Click "open" and the update will automatically begin.
  7. When the update reaches 100%, click the close button and unplug the unit from your computer.


Please follow these instructions to update the DVR portion of your MFU440

  1. Remove the SD card from the MFU440 and place it in an SD card reader or the card slot on the PC. This may require an adapter.
  2. Format the SD Card
  3. Download MFU440_DVR.bin to the computer, a pop-up box may appear on the bottom of your computer showing the download, right click on this box to find the folder.
  4. Copy the MFU440_DVR.bin file to the SD card. (Do not place this file in any folder)
  5. Safely remove the SD card from the PC and insert into the MFU440
  6. Connect 12-volt power to the power input jack of the MFU440
  7. Turn on the MFU440 and allow it to complete the preamble and wait for "update done" message.
  8. The MFU440 will automatically delete the bin file and reset itself
  9. You are ready to begin using your MFU440 with newly updated DVR firmware
  10. Wi-Fi password is 12345678 and cannot be changed


The following downloads are available for the MFU440:

  • Unit Programming Software (User_RD_Download_Ver2.8.exe)
  • Database Update ("month" data for units with SNs ending in S.cdb)
  • Radar Detector Firmware (MFU440_09B.bin)
  • DVR Firmware (MFU440_DVR.bin)
  • Android App Installer (rdcam-302.apk)