Manual Library Update

To manually update the library database follow these steps:

  1. Download the "" file below
  2. On your PC, open the File Explorer app
  3. Navigate to the Documents folder
  4. In the documents folder, open the folder that corresponds to your scanner's model number
  5. Open the DB folder
  6. Delete all files in this folder
  7. Open your downloads folder
  8. Double click the library file to open it
  9. Click the "Extract All" button
  10. Click "Browse"
  11. Navigate to the "Documents\[your model number]\DB" folder
  12. Click on "Select Folder"
  13. Click on "Extract"
  14. Open the EZ Scan Programming software
  15. Click on the "Scanner/SD Card" menu
  16. Click on the option to "Copy library files to scanner memory/SD card"

Once this is done, you can use the EZ Scan app to copy the updated library files to your scanner, or you can follow the same steps above, instead of navigating to your Documents folder, navigate to the SD card drive and locate the DB folder there.

You can download the library files from the link below.