Legacy Scanner Downloads


These updates should only be applied if your scanner has been upgraded through our legacy scanner upgrade program.  Attempting to install these updates to a scanner that has not been upgraded will cause the scanner to stop functioning.

Do not attempt to install these updates on a native Whistler scanner.

Version 4.8

Firmware updates should be applied via the EZ Scan software application.

This firmware installer is intended as a backup in the event you are having issues updating your CPU firmware via the EZ Scan software application.  DSP firmware must be updated via the EZ Scan app.

This application is for PC only.

Available downloads for upgraded Pro-18, Pro-668, PSR-800:

  • CPU Firmware Installer - Legacy upgraded only  (CPUUpdater_Legacy_U4.8_BOOT2.0)
  • Library_dbfiles***.zip
  • EZ Scan Programming Software (WS1080Install_###.exe)