438G International Radar Detector Downloads - for units with serial numbers ending in "R"

NOTE: First time users must download BOTH links listed below. 

If download links do not show at the bottom of the page, please make sure you are using the most current version of your browser. Some browsers may have difficulty showing the links.


To install the update(s) follow these steps:

1. Connect your radar detector to your PC using the USB cable provided with the unit.

2. Download the Unit Programming Software and update(s) from the list below.

3. Open the Unit Programming Software

4. Choose the update file that you have downloaded to your computer and the update will automatically begin.

5. When the update reaches 100%, click the close button and unplug the unit from your computer.


The following downloads are available for the 438G INTERNATIONAL model radar detector

  • Unit Programming Software (WhistlerDBUpdateV13_R.exe)
  • Database Update (SCDB_Whistler "release date".msc)