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CR65 - Laser Radar Detector


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The CR65 has X band, K band, SuperWideBand Ka and Laser protection - the only 4 bands used for speed measurement. It offers 360-degree Maxx coverage to detect from front, sides, and rear. There are 3 city modes/highway modes (City, City 1, and City 2) to reduce the annoyance of false alerts and a quiet mode to silence audio alerts. The Safety Warning System keeps driver informed of highway safety where transmitters are located and Alert Priority displays the most important signal when more than one is detected. The high gain lens provides an increased field of view, as well as a longer range of detection 
and the vehicle battery saver automatically shuts off unit if not in use. This radar detector offers VG-2 detection when engaged, alerting to VG-2 when detected. 

  • High Performance
  • Icon Display with Digital Strength Indicator
  • Total Laser Detection
  • Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR)
Unit Dimensions 1.26 in. H x 2.83 in. W x 4.46 in. L
Unit Weight .31 lbs.
    Laser Radar Detector
    12V Power Cord
    Windshield Bracket Kit
    User Guide