WIC-5000 2.4

WIC-5000 2.4" Inspection Camera

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The WIC-5000 is a great addition to your DIY tools. This handy inspection camera is perfect for reaching those hard to-get-to areas where you can't see. The 3ft flexible camera tube allows you to get into tight spaces. No need to drill a big hole in the wall if you think you have water damage. Just a small hole to fit the 9mm camera tube through and you can check for yourself. 

  • 2.4"  Color Monitor 
  • 9mm Camera tube is water, oil, gas, diesel and alcohol proof
  • Adjustable Led Lighting
  • Image Rotation
  • TV/Video Output Jack
  • LCD Contrast Control
  • Includes mirror, magnet and hook attachments
  • Detect leaks behind walls
  • Find cracks in pipes/plumbing
  • Locate surface flaws in flooring
  • Identify refrigerant and fluid leads
  • Use in boiler and duct work inspections
  • Conduct gas fireplace or vent inspections
  • Inspect wiring in the ceiling or behind walls
  • Locate cracks in house foundations