Whistler to Offer Upgrade to Legacy Radio Scanners

Whistler to Offer Upgrade to Legacy Radio Scanners

Bentonville, AR– (May 19 th , 2017) Beginning June 1 st , 2017, The Whistler Group, Inc., a leading industry supplier of radio scanners and mobile electronics, will offer a feature upgrade program for the Pro-18, Pro-668 and PSR-800 scanners. For the cost of $59.99, customers will be able to send in their scanner to Whistler where the unit will be upgraded to receive DMR and MotoTRBO™. The cost of shipping the unit to Whistler will be covered by the customer and Whistler will cover the cost of shipping the unit back to the customer when the upgrade is complete. Upgrades are expected to take up to 2 weeks and all units must be in working condition with no visible damage to be eligible for this upgrade program.

By upgrading their scanner, customers will now receive DMR making them capable of monitoring the following unencrypted channels/systems which were previously not available for legacy scanners:

  • Conventional DMR (Entered as a DMR trunked system)
  • Hytera XPT
  • MotoTRBO™ Capacity Plus
  • MotoTRBO™ Connect Plus
  • MotoTRBO™ Linked Cap Plus systems

The upgrade will be available for purchase on www.whistlergroup.com beginning June 1st. Once a customer purchases the upgrade, they will receive an email with instructions for mailing in their unit for upgrade.

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