Whistler Introduces Technology to Reduce False Alerts in Radar Detectors

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Whistler Introduces Technology to Reduce False Alerts in Radar Detectors

Bentonville, AR – (February 11, 2016) – Has your radar detector become a “new car detector”?  Because of advancements in technology, many of today’s new cars are equipped with collision detection systems or blind spot detectors – most of which can create false K Band alerts on radar detectors.

To combat this issue, The Whistler Group, Inc., a supplier of international state-of- the-art electronics and automotive laser/radar detection systems, announced today that it has developed a new technology to combat the rise in nuisance alerts caused by products operating on the same frequencies as police radars.

This new technology, referred to as FDSR, is patent pending and is the most advanced detection system developed by Whistler to decrease false alerts. FDSR refers to Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection and when turned on, is designed to identify all radar based collision avoidance and blind spot detection systems that operate within K band radar. The FDSR feature will provide a brief, less intrusive alert, to keep you informed and aware. Rather than filtering out the signal completely, a signal strength indicator will help determine your proximity to the source without the continued annoyance of audio.

FDSR will be featured as part of Whistler’s Advanced False Alert Detection System which will be available on all new Whistler radar models for 2016. This new detection system will provide radar detector users with a complete system to reduce false alerts and, in addition to FDSR, will also include TFSR (Traffic Flow Sensor Rejection), and multiple Filter and City modes.

“As automotive technology and vehicles become more advanced, we have seen an increase in false alerts received on radar detection systems,” said Leslie Folsom, EVP Operations & Marketing. “We’ve worked hard to develop this technology to recognize and filter out nuisance alerts to create a better driving experience for our customers.”

Whistler’s 2016 radar detector models will be available beginning in June and range in retail price from $49 to $199.  


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