Whistler Introduces Full Line of Bilingual Radar Detectors

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The Whistler Group, Inc.
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Whistler Introduces Full Line of Bilingual Radar Detectors

Bentonville, AR – (May 16 , 2016) – The Whistler Group, Inc., a supplier of international state-of- the-art electronics and automotive laser/radar detection systems, announced today that its 2016 line of radar detectors will offer bilingual text and voice features.

There are currently 41 million native Spanish speakers living in the United States today – and another 11.6 million people who are bilingual in both Spanish and English.  Due to this growing statistic, Whistler recognizes the importance of a bilingual option on models featuring full text displays and Real Voice Alerts®.   Users will have the option of selecting English or Spanish on models including the Z-15R+, Z-19R+, Z-31R+ as well as the CR73, CR88 and CR93 models.

“We feel it’s important to continue to be innovative in this category and to address the needs of all customers,” said J.D. Davis, EVP of Sales. “We’ve talked to consumers, listened and responded to their needs and are very pleased to be the first to provide this new feature in a detector.”

Whistler’s new 2016 radar detector models will begin shipping in June.   


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